90 Ball Bingo Games are the most popular bingo games in the United Kingdom. Find out more here about the games & 90 ball offerings at Chit Chat Bingo.
90 Ball Bingo Games are the most popular bingo games in the United Kingdom. Find out more here about the games & 90 ball offerings at Chit Chat Bingo.

90 Ball Bingo Games

90 ball bingo is the traditional British Bingo game, the game that you will find played on paper tickets in an English bingo club and the most popular of bingo variants amongst UK Bingo players online.

This variant of the bingo game is also popular further afield, in places like Australia and New Zealand as well as most of Europe. It’s also the game of choice in some parts of South America.

90 Ball Bingo Games
90 Ball Bingo Games

The 90 Ball Bingo Ticket

A 90 ball bingo ticket contains 27 squares, but in contrast to the 75 ball bingo card, only 15 of those squares contain numbers. The ticket is a 9 x 3 grid, and each of the three rows includes 5 numbers and 4 blank squares. There is no free square in this version of the game.

If you were to play the 90ball bingo game in your local bingo hall, keep tally of the numbers and where they are placed on the tickets is simple if you buy a strip of six. The reason for this is that the nine columns contain 10 numbers from a specific group.

For example, column one has the numbers 1 to 9, column two the numbers 11 to 19, and so on and so forth with column nine hosting the numbers 81 through until 90.

Similar can be said about playing 90 ball bingo on the Internet, but there can be slight deviation to the number structure from site to site when you play online bingo.

Playing 90 Ball Online

When you play 90 ball bingo online, you usually have a couple of options for ticket buying. You can opt to click single tickets, use the quick buy option that sells them in multiples of six (usually 24, 48, 72 or 96) or by opting to buy individual strips. The options available vary from site to site.

The majority of 90 ball bingo games play for three prizes, the one line, the two lines and the full house and often the percentage split of the prize pot is as follows:

Again, this prize percentage split can vary from site to site and from game to game. Should more than one player win on any of the three lines, the value of the prize will be split equally amongst all of the eligible winners.

A one-line prize is awarded to the first player to mark all five numbers on one line; this can be the top, middle or bottom line.

The two line prize is given to the first player to mark ten numbers on two lines. This can be any combination of two lines on the same ticket; top and middle, top and bottom, middle and bottom.

The person who marks off all 15 numbers on the ticket wins the full house.

Options For Playing 90 Ball Bingo Online

When you log in to your favourite online bingo site you will find a number of different options for playing 90 ball bingo.

At sites on the Dragonfish network you are offered a variety of different game types and at Chit Chat Bingo, BingoZino and Bid Bingo, there are even two exclusive rooms hosting 90 ball bingo games. These are called the Royal Room and the Royal Room VIP.

The other options available are focused around the ticket price in each room and a selection of promotional games and guaranteed jackpots. Similar choices will be available across a number of different software platforms.

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