Chit Chat Bingo documents what it is like to play bingo online and what a player needs to do and can expect. Read more about online bingo play here.
Chit Chat Bingo documents what it is like to play bingo online and what a player needs to do and can expect. Read more about online bingo play here.

Play Bingo Online

The ability to play bingo online has been about for some years, probably more than you would first imagine. In the early 1990s, the first online bingo site got launched, but it was a far cry from what we see today.

Over the years, innovation and technology have combined to create the effective options we are now offered to play bingo online. Even now, changes happen at an exponential rate.

These changes mean that the online bingo marketplace is ever-evolving and improving how we play bingo online.

Play Bingo Online - UK Bingo Games

The People Who Play Bingo Online

Much like the misconception that people who play bingo in their local clubs are of the older generation & sporting a blue rinse, the same got stated about those that opted to play bingo online.

A belief that it was all middle-aged woman who you would find dabbing at a site on the Internet took hold. Figures from May 2016 showed that one-third of people who play bingo online are between 25 and 34 years of age.

Everyone Loves Bingo – Fact

For many years it was also believed that men didn’t partake in this online bingo pastime. It may surprise you to learn that over a quarter of bingo players marking their tickets at the popular brands on the Internet are male.

Bingo players come from all walks of life, and over the years we have heard many tales of celebrities frequenting bingo halls. We’re sure that some could be found playing online if they weren’t doing so incognito!

While we may not know the names of the celebrities who play online bingo, we do see a few that have gone on to promote various bingo brands.

What’s Needed To Play Bingo Online?

The first thing you need to play bingo online is an Internet connection. It could be on your desktop, laptop, mobile or your tablet device.

Most bingo sites nowadays give you the option to play on the go as well as in the comfort of your own home. Chit Chat Bingo is available on all platforms and has a highly-rated mobile bingo site too.

Back when the game of bingo first came to the Internet, the only option to play bingo online was via your desktop device. Dial-up connections and poor Internet speeds at that time meant that the experience was often not the best.

However, with today’s technology, the bingo gaming experience at most sites is fluid and without disconnections and interruption to games.

Cost of Playing Bingo

Many believe that you need a substantial amount of disposable income to be able to play bingo online, but this is not the case. Players can set their budget using socially responsible features that each UK bingo site is required to have available.

We strongly suggest that this is one of the first things that you do when registering with any bingo site to play bingo online. These options get usually found under the Responsible Gambling tab.

In addition to the option of setting your budget limits, many of the online bingo sites offer a selection of free games on a regular basis.

Choosing Where To Play Bingo

Every month several bingo sites will open, and on occasions, some close but the number of bingo sites available to play bingo online at is growing at a rate of at least one or two a month.

With such exponential growth in numbers, choosing where to play bingo online can be a minefield and, at times, a risky procedure.

With every player having individual requirements, it would be hard to create a comprehensive list of what to look for at a bingo site to ensure that it is worthy of depositing your hard-earned cash. It’s dependent on the type of bingo player you are.

For example:
Do you prefer 75 ball bingo or 90 balls bingo?

Other considerations would be wagering requirements on bonuses.

It might be that the promotional schedule has a high priority for you in choosing a site to play bingo online. It could be the social aspect of the game and a great community in the chat rooms.

Information about all these things should be easily accessible when you visit a site for the first time, so make sure you find details of what you need from the brand before making your first deposit.

Chit Chat Bingo Licensing

Chit Chat Bingo offers all the above to bingo players and more. Being a fully licensed UK Bingo site means we conform to the most stringent bingo licensing requirements in the world and put our bingo players first.

A Bingo Player Friendly Experience Online

As well as changes to the bingo gaming experience provided by various operators over the years, we have also seen many changes to the rules and regulations governing any form of gambling online.

It has all been included to make the marketplace better and safer for the player who chooses to play bingo online or partake in any other gambling form on the Internet.

It includes more stringent regulations on socially responsible gambling and rules around how promotional terms must be easily accessible to the end-user.

All these changes have been implemented to ensure that it is a fun, safe, and enjoyable experience when you play bingo online.

Playing Bingo Online at Chit Chat

UK Bingo players at Chit Chat have no limitations in making withdrawals from bingo games apart from the Million Pound Coverall Bingo Jackpot game and some progressive jackpots. Specific games do pay-out at a monthly rate.

Apart from this, whatever gets won at the Chit Chat Bingo site can be withdrawn with no limitations. It is why Chit Chat Bingo is known as the friendly bingo site.

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