75 Ball Bingo is a popular bingo variation in the UK. Check out a review of the game and the different games available at Chit Chat Bingo!
75 Ball Bingo is a popular bingo variation in the UK. Check out a review of the game and the different games available at Chit Chat Bingo!

75 Ball Bingo Games

75 ball bingo is known as the American or Canadian Bingo version of the game, and while its roots are in North American Bingo, it’s just as much a part of the UK online bingo landscape as 90 ball bingo today.

This 75-ball bingo variant is probably the most versatile of those available to play on the Internet – the reason being the grid that 75 ball bingo gets played on.

With 25 squares on a 5×5 grid, the pattern opportunities are endless, and you’ll find quite a number at various sites.

75 ball bingo games

Chit Chat Bingo 75 Ball Bingo Games

75 Ball Bingo Game Features

On every single game of 75 ball bingo, the middle square is free. In addition to the ability to create patterns on the grid, there’s also an option to play for vertical and diagonal lines plus four corners.

Some bingo sites have made the most of the options available and offer multi-part bingo games.

It was these multiple opportunities that saw the birth of five-line bingo, or Swedish bingo as it is sometimes referred to as.

The Virtue Fusion / Playtech platform was first to introduce this variant, and then in 2011, the game arrived on the Dragonfish bingo platform.

What Makes 75 Ball Playable

What makes this 75-ball bingo game popular with players is that each bingo game offers not one, not two, not even three chances to be a winner but FIVE!

For the most part, the prize pot on offer for a 75-ball bingo game gets determined by the number of tickets sold and the price they got traded.

However, some games boast a guaranteed prize pot or a sliding jackpot. For these, the rules around the prize pool available may be slightly different.

The Bingo Card for 75 Ball Is Unique

We’ve already mentioned the size of the card, the number of squares, and how you can win when you play, but let’s take a closer look.

Usually, although it has been known to vary slightly from site to site, a 75-ball bingo card is five columns each with five rows. Each column has a letter at the top, and it spells out B I N G O.

The B column contains numbers 1 to 15, the I the numbers 16 to 30, the N has numbers 31 through to 45, the G is 46 to 60, and finally, the O is home to the numbers 61 to 75.

Bingo Patterns on 75 Ball

It is not the case at all sites, or on all software platforms though and even on those that do have the lettered columns, the bingo calls may not incorporate the letter.

For example, you are unlikely to hear the bingo caller use the number in the call – B 52, but just the number 52.

Coverall Bingo Games

Probably the best known of the 75 ball bingo games available online today is the Million Pound Coverall games.

75 ball bingo jackpot games

Chit Chat Bingo Million Pound Bingo

The Million Pound Coverall Bingo game played at all the Dragonfish bingo network sites, boasts as the name suggests, a top prize of £1 million. To win you are required to call the full house on a coverall bingo game in a minimum number of calls, 40 or less. Do this, and the top prize is yours!

With just 24 numbers and one free square on a 75-ball bingo board, it’s not an impossible task, and with a sliding jackpot and minimum pay-out guaranteed, it’s easy to see why 75 ball bingo games get enjoyed worldwide.

Chit Chat Bingo 75 Ball Bingo Games

We love all bingo games and the fact that the Million Pound Bingo Jackpot coverall game is available at Chit Chat is a testament to this. We run a lot of promotions and contests in all our rooms and in our Exclusive Royal Room on 75 ball bingo games.

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