Bingo Roulette is a fun new 52 Ball Bingo variation game playable at Chit Chat Bingo. Get details on how to play the game & where to find it here!
Bingo Roulette is a fun new 52 Ball Bingo variation game playable at Chit Chat Bingo. Get details on how to play the game & where to find it here!

Bingo Roulette

Bingo Roulette Online - 52 Ball Bingo Game

Bingo Roulette – 52 Ball Bingo Game

The words Bingo and Roulette are not typically associated together until now. Bingo Roulette is a 52 ball bingo variation game available to play at Chit Chat Bingo. Check out this exciting new bingo variation game and how to play it.

Bingo is, of course, the most played and preferred game in the United Kingdom and the world. Roulette is a popular game with casino players in the United Kingdom as it is a fast-moving game. Much like Bingo.

The fusion of these two games has given us a fantastic new Bingo Roulette game which can now be enjoyed right here with us.

Bingo Roulette – 52-5 Bingo Game Variation

How to Play Bingo Roulette?

Learning How to Play Bingo Roulette

  1. Log into your Chit Chat Bingo account

    Simply navigate to the bingo lobby. In the main navigation bar, you will view the Bingo Roulette tab. Click on that, and you are ready to take part in this bingo revolution.

  2. Get Bingo Tickets for a Game

    Each player can get a maximum of 96 tickets per game. Each ticket has 5 numbers associated with the Roulette Wheel.

  3. How to Play Bingo Roulette

    The Roulette Wheel as ever has a total of 52 numbers, choose the number of tickets you want for each game and wait for the numbers to appear as the Roulette Wheel spins.

  4. What Happens in a Bingo Roulette Game

    The numbers pop up randomly just like in regular bingo games as the Roulette wheel spins. If you manage to fill all five of your numbers on a single ticket – you win the pot. It really is as easy as that.

Bingo Variation Game

This new bingo game is a 52-5 bingo game. That means there are 52 numbers in play on the Roulette wheel and your bingo ticket has 5 numbers. There is only a single prize per game, and currently, tickets cost 5 pence each.

As it is a quick game, there will be some that enjoy the fact that this is a fast bingo game. The maximum number of tickets per single game is also limited to 96. That means a maximum spend of £4.80. The size of the prize pots makes this bingo variation game an attractive proposition.

Bingo Roulette Features

There are a few new fun features, the most prominent being that there is a Roulette wheel and it will light up and behave in the same manner as it would when landing on a number. If this is a number you have on a bingo ticket, it means only 4 left to hit a full house.

Chat Room Live

The other feature is that the game boasts a chat room with a Chat Host available in the room. The banter is likely to prove lively on this game. We won’t indulge in the just like being in Vegas rhetoric as that is so obvious.

What this is though is a fantastic new 52-5 Bingo variation game that will find a loyal following. With all this information now read, why not have a go at the Bingo Roulette Game.

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