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Bingo Jackpots

When we're playing online bingo, there's one thing that we all have in common and that is that we are playing in the hope that we can win one of the many bingo jackpots that are available.

What you may not know is just how many different types of bingo jackpots there are available. If you are a regular player, you probably take them all for granted but when you stop and think about the various bingo jackpots on offer, it's pretty impressive.

Bingo Jackpots - Chit Chat Bingo

House Bingo Jackpots

The most obvious and most prolific is the standard House Bingo Jackpot. It's available on every single game of bingo, whatever the variant being played. The number of tickets sold and the price of the tickets determine the bingo jackpot.

Additionally, part of the value of the tickets sold may be removed to contribute to a progressive bingo jackpot in the room.

The total house bingo jackpot is divided by the prize tiers on the game, for example 90 ball bingo; this has one line, two lines and the full house. The total prize pot will be divided as one line for 20% of the value, two lines for 30% and the full house for 50%.

Division of the bingo jackpot will vary from site to site and game variant to game variant.

Guaranteed Bingo Jackpots

The biggest difference between the guaranteed bingo jackpots and the house jackpots is that the number of tickets sold does not determine the value.

For a guaranteed bingo jackpot game, it doesn't matter if one or 500 bingo players have purchased tickets for the game, the value will not change. Everything else about the bingo jackpot works in the same way as your standard house prize.

An example of a guaranteed bingo jackpot game would be the Sure Win Games found on the Dragonfish network including Chit Chat Bingo and Bid Bingo.

There are two bingo games a month and each boast a guaranteed prize pool. The first is on 15th of the month and has £2,500 in the kitty. £400 is for the one line winner, £600 for the two line winner and £1,000 for the full house winner. It also is a good example of the community jackpot because the remainder of the prize pot, £500, is shared amongst all the other bingo players who did not win anything.

Community Bingo Jackpots

Community bingo jackpots are available on both the standard house and guaranteed bingo jackpot games. A community bingo jackpot is one that sees more than just the winners take a share of the prize pool.

This can be by way sharing part of the bingo prize pot with those left with one number, two numbers or sometimes three numbers to bingo. These are shown as 1TG, 2TG or 3TG prize pools.

In the case of the Sure Win example above, all losing bingo players are eligible for a share of the community jackpot.

Progressive Bingo Jackpots

A progressive bingo jackpot is grown from taken a small proportion of the total ticket sales value from a standard game of bingo and adding it to a prize pot. However, the seed (the minimum amount of the progressive jackpot) is usually funded by the operator hosting the game. In this case it would be Chit Chat Bingo specifying a minimum bingo jackpot amount and adding that to the pool each time the jackpot is claimed.

The amount of the progressive bingo jackpot can vary quite substantially from site to site, and game to game and this can be attributed to the way on which it can be won.

Winning a progressive bingo jackpot is usually achieved by winning in a predetermined number of bingo calls, or less.

If we look at examples from the Dragonfish network of sites, you will see that the rules for each game type are quite different.

75 Ball Progressive Bingo Jackpot

The progressive bingo jackpot for 75 ball bingo on this network is not available on every single game. It is seeded at £500 and is only available in one of the many rooms that are available on the network.

The schedule of the bingo games is available to view in the ‘Bingo' section of the Chit Chat Bingo site and to win the progressive jackpot, you have to call bingo on the Diamonds Are Forever pattern in 34 numbers or less.

90 Ball Progressive Bingo Jackpot

Unlike the 75 ball progressive bingo jackpot, the 90 ball bingo jackpot version can be won on any of the standard 90 ball games at Chit Chat Bingo. It is not available on special promotional bingo games.

Any guaranteed bingo jackpot game is not included for the progressive bingo jackpot.

The seed for this prize is £100 and to win you simply have to call the full house in 40 numbers or less.

High 5 (Swedish) Progressive Bingo Jackpot

The High 5 progressive bingo jackpot is available on all games in the High 5 room and is seeded at £150. To win this bingo jackpot you have to call the coverall (full house) in 50 numbers or less.

The above are just examples taken from the Dragonfish network, other software platforms and bingo networks will have different rules.

Once any progressive bingo jackpot is won, the jackpot is set back to the original seed. Keep an eye out for Escalator bingo jackpots too - these are progressives but the sites will increase the number of calls required on a regular basis.

All of these bingo jackpot games are available at Chit Chat Bingo and sister sites.

Sliding Bingo Jackpots

The sliding bingo jackpots tend to offer the most impressive of top prizes and a classic example of these are the £1 million coverall games on the Dragonfish network that Chit Chat Bingo is a member of.

Players have the chance of becoming an overnight millionaire by calling the coverall full house in 40 calls or less. After this number of calls, the jackpot starts to ‘slide', hence the name.

The below is an example of just one of the £1 million jackpot sliding scales: Million Madness (plays 9.30pm on a Saturday)

£1 million - 25 to 40 bingo calls
£500,000 - 41 bingo calls
£250,000 - 42 bingo calls
£125,000 - 43 bingo calls
£75,000 - 44 bingo calls
£35,000 - 45 bingo calls
£15,000 - 46 bingo calls
£10,000 - 47 bingo calls
£7,500 - 48 bingo calls
£6,000 - 49 bingo calls
£5,000 - 50 bingo calls
£4,000 - 51 bingo calls
£2,000 - 52 bingo calls
£1,000 - 53 bingo calls
£500 - 54 to 75 bingo calls

The minimum jackpot on these games varies from day to day.


All of the examples of each type of jackpot have been taken from a Dragonfish network site. Other networks and different software platforms will have varying rules but overall, they work in very similar ways.