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Mobile Bingo

Mobile bingo is now available at the majority, if not all, online bingo sites that are available on the Internet. Where it was once required that you had to download an app to play, most are now fully functional on the HTML5 mobile friendly platform.

When you open your favourite site on your mobile ( we hope that this is Chit Chat Bingo) or tablet, the intuitive software will detect the operating system being used and load the version that best suits your device.

This is known as a ‘responsive design' and it was in the middle of 2017 that the Dragonfish network and all sites powered by the 888 / Cassava software rolled this out across their bingo platform. Chit Chat Bingo along with Bid Bingo and Bingozino are a part of this network and all boast mobile bingo games.

Mobile Bingo Games - Chit Chat Bingo

Pros And Cons Of Mobile Bingo

Mobile bingo is great if you want to be able to have a bingo game on the go and a must for those relaxing beach holidays, but whilst there are far more positives about playing on the go, there are some features of a bingo game that don't really translate.

Chat is the feature that has been quite a struggle to convert onto the mobile bingo platforms but this can be attributed to the size of the screens on your mobile or tablet. Whilst many offer the chat feature, the functionality is not great so the social aspect of the bingo game is lost when playing on the go. If you are not into a lot of chit chat during bingo games, then this is a feature you will not miss.

Mobile Bingo Popularity

As the software has improved on your mobile phone, as has the popularity of playing on a handheld device. Where some platforms or brands originally chose not to make themselves compatible with iOS and Android devices, they soon caught up as play on your mobile became more popular.

All operators now offer a mobile bingo option to their players but the gaming experience does vary greatly from software to software. Some platforms, whilst offering a version for mobile, have put little to no effort in and it shows in the overall gaming experience.

Probably the best option for mobile bingo play is the Dragonfish Bingo network, especially following the upgrade in bingo software.

Accessing Bingo On Your Mobile

There are a couple of options for accessing mobile bingo play and the first, and probably most obvious, is via your browser on your phone or tablet.

Simply type in the web address of the site you wish to play at, and if it is fully HTML5 conversant, you just have to login to play. At the time of preparing this article, there were still some sites that required an app download to play at their site, but these numbers are dwindling.

Some sites that are compatible with your mobile also offer an app to download to your phone. This is worthwhile getting in you're a regular at the brand offering this option.

Whilst many sites have chosen not to offer the app option now as their software platform is now web-browser compatible, it's unlikely we will see apps become extinct.

The web-browser platforms do offer a number of benefits though, and these include things like:

  1. No requirement to update the app when the software if upgrade.
  2. No time required to download the app.
  3. Your device's memory is not used up storing multiple apps if you play at more than one site.
  4. The chat rooms are more functional through a web-browser.

Mobile Bingo players at Chit Chat Bingo are spoilt for choice as it boasts an award winning mobile bingo version as well as specific mobile bingo games and bonuses.

Bonuses For Mobile Bingo

The welcome bingo bonuses offered by mobile bingo sites are the same as you would find on your desktop offering because they are the same products.

This means that any free play bonus or cash match deal is still available to you, even if you choose to sign up for a new account via your mobile device. This also means that you can log into the same bingo account on desktop, laptop and mobile and access the same games.

No more sitting on the tube or bus twiddling your thumbs, make them work for you and have a game of bingo at Chit Chat.