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Socially Responsible Bingo Site

Whilst there is a lot of fun to be had at Chit Chat Bingo we dont want it to be the case of having to much fun. We are a UK Licensed Bingo site and need to ask some pretty personal questions at time to ensure our Social Responsibilty charter is met.

As a new addition to document requests as dictated by the UK Gambling Commission we send out regularly to our players, we do ask players from time to tome to provide Source of Funds details.

Here we answer questions of why we require this information from you.

Why do I need to send you the source of the funds I spend with you? Is this a genuine request?

Yes, we can confirm that this is a genuine request.

From time to time we may need to request information from you that could be regarded as "personal", but this is in order to abide by all UK Gambling Commission regulations and we guarantee that we will never share this information with any unauthorised third party.

Why am I being asked to provide proof of where my money has come from?

We fully understand that this may be the first time you have been approached about sending such personal information to a gaming company, but it is a clear licencing requirement from the Gambling Commission of Great Britain.

Therefore, at times when certain limits and thresholds are reached it may become necessary for us to ask you to provide evidence to confirm the source(s) of funds they use.

We are not alone in seeking this type of information from customers, and it is likely that other betting operators will also request this information from you when your spend/play reaches equivalent levels.

What information should I send?

We will need evidence to identify and support the source and value of the funds you use to bet/play with. This could be

  • Proof of earnings: Payslip/Director remuneration/Dividends/Pension;
  • A bank statement/savings account that clearly shows consistent incoming values from an identifiable source
  • A Trust deed clearly showing a consistent entitlement to funds;
  • An account statement showing funds recently won from another company;
  • Dated proof of an award/payment made to you;
  • Other clear evidence that would support "affordability" in relation to your business with us.

How will the information be used?

All information received will be treated as highly confidential. It will only be used to confirm that the money that you spend/play with comes from a legitimate source.

We have a professional and dedicated team who work to review and assess all information received in order to ensure your documentation meets the requirements that will enable you to continue to enjoy playing on our sites.

We fully understand that some of our customers have complex financial circumstances which may make this request more challenging to cooperate with. However, please understand that we must always adhere to all UK Gambling Commission licencing requirements.

What will happen if I do not send in proof of my source of funds?

Unfortunately, if you cannot provide us with sufficient information, we will be unable to accept any further play from you until we have received the requested information. This is a legal requirement that the UK Gambling Commission have in place to ensure the wellbeing of players.

We would gladly reconsider this position if you are able to provide the requested information at any point in the future, so we truly hope that we can reach a mutually acceptable level of proof in the least intrusive fashion as we value your business.

How to send us your Source of Funds:

Please include your username and/or account number with any documents that are sent to us.

The simplest way to share the documents is directly through the cashier:

  1. You can upload documents through the cashier. On your PC visit the tab on the left hand side named 'More', click on "ID Verification" and upload your document.
  2. On mobile click on 'Deposit', on the bottom tab named 'More', click on "ID Verification" and upload your document.

Alternatively, you can send by email (sending through the cashier is preferable)

  • Take a photo of the document with your camera phone
  • Open your email account
  • Create a New Email
  • Attach the photo
  • Enter: in the 'To' address bar at the top of your email and press 'Send'