Play our fun Video Bingo Games Online now. It is a fun & exciting bingo experience with entertaining bonus rounds! Get Full Info Here.
Play our fun Video Bingo Games Online now. It is a fun & exciting bingo experience with entertaining bonus rounds! Get Full Info Here.

Video Bingo Online

Video Bingo Online games are the latest version of Bingo to be added to Chit Chat. This new variant of Bingo is likely to prove popular with Chit Chatters, given the entertainment that is on offer. We have started off by adding 9 of the best games with additional games to follow.

Video Bingo Online - New Bingo Variation Game - ChitChat Bingo

What Is Video Bingo

Unlike the traditional 90 ball bingo game where you must choose the number of cards to play with, Video Bingo is a lot simpler, and we think faster. Choose from one of the games in our Video Bingo tab, and when you open it, you will note that there are some differences as per the below explanation.

How to Play Video Bingo?

Navigate to your game of choice and select the cards and bet amount you wish to make. Once that is done, simply hit the Play Button.

By clicking AUTO in a game, you will open a panel to select the number of automatic rounds you want to play. You can also decide how you want the game to act in the extra balls phase.

Winning patterns and prizes will be decided according to the TABLE OF PRIZE-WINNING PATTERNS.

For each card, if you obtain a pattern that forms from another (pattern contained in another larger pattern), only the highest pattern will be paid and not the sum of the patterns.

To enter a BONUS phase, you must obtain the pattern or patterns indicated with the BONUS text.

In each game, 30 balls are dealt, and another 10 can be obtained in the extra balls phase. After all the balls have been dealt, a different balls phase will start depending on whether a winning pattern is close to being completed and how big its prize is.

How to Find Video Bingo Games

This is the easy part. First, log into the Bingo room and Click on the Online Slots link in the left-hand navigation. Yes, they are in the Slots area. Next, look at the top navigation bar and scroll across until you see Video Bingo. We have collected all the different video bingo games there.

What Are the Games on Offer?

At the present time, we have 9 games in this bingo genre. We will be adding more regularly as we think they are a fun and entertaining version of bingo. We list the games below:

Video Bingo Games
Mystic Lady
1st of the Irish
The Asp of Cleopatra
Million 7
Super 7 Stars
Disco Nights
Planet 67
Mega Money

As far as we know, we are the first UK bingo network to go live with the new Video Bingo Games.

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